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Giving back in-app advertising to its rightful owners: the publishers

Open source technology. Community of experts. The revolution of Ad Mediation.
on publishers hands
Fair auction logic for publishers and advertisers.
what you share
Stop revealing your winning formula to competitors.
logic & raw data
Clear & equal. Everyone plays by the same book.
cutting the middleman
Direct integration brings greater benefits for both ends.
Ad Mediations
With Bidon
3rd Party
Always Yours
Under your Command
Black Box
Open Source
Data Shareability
You Decide

We’re bringing back fairness to mobile Publishers & Advertisers

Bidon is 100% Open Source

Grab the source code of Bidon, and make it yours.
Customize & adapt it to your needs.
Join a community of expert developers and publishers
Open Source Code

No more black box SDKs

Bidon is 100% transparent.
What you see is what you get:
Ad Mediation
Hidden Fees
Exploiting Conditions
Your Competitors
Compromised Data
Mandatory Demand
Incremental Costs
Unexpected Surcharges

Bringing back Transparency & Control to the Mobile Ad Industry

Multi-Round Ad Auction

Publishers can increase profits from ads waiting to be printed.
Ad Networks have multiple opportunities to outbid their competitors.
eCPM $10 eCPM $8 eCPM $9 eCPM $11 eCPM $12 Multiple Rounds Bidon Ad Mediations to make data-driven bids to increase your eCPMs One more auction round

Join The Revolution of The Mobile In-App Advertisement

Control & Transparency in the Ad Auction

Ad Mediations
With Bidon
Check the aggregated eCPM & demand source
Collect the raw data of every ad auction:
bids, prices, sent requests, time intervals, errors...
Choose with whom you share your data
Contribute to add new demand sources
Remove any demand source and
completely block your competitor’s apps
Customize anything, share your improvements,
and rebuild from other experts’ solutions

Take full control of your Ad Auction

Own Your Data & Ad Auction

Ad Mediations

  • Zero transparency on how ad mediations use your first-party data
  • They never share any kind of data with you
  • You’re forced to share your data to join their auction



  • Bidon is seamlessly integrated to your app’s specifics
  • Full control of your ad auction setup
  • Get data from your demand sources to improve your app’s monetization

Not Ready to Leave Your Current Ad Mediation Behind?

Transition from any Ad Mediation to Bidon,
and stay ahead with the multi-round ad auction technology.
Round 1
Run an auction from any ad mediation and get a winning bid
Ad Mediation
Round 2
Force the winning bid from a 3rd party ad mediation to compete with your BidOn auction rounds 
Round 3
Set up limitless auction rounds, until the user requests the ad impression
Round 1
Ad Mediation
Run an auction from any ad mediation and get a winning bid
Round 2
Force the winning bid from a 3rd party ad mediation to compete with your Bidon auction rounds 
Round ∞
Set up limitless auction rounds with Bidon, until the user requests the ad impression

Take Part in The Future of Mobile In-App Advertising

The Advantages of Bidon

Ad Ops
Product Owners
Demand Side
Open source solution adaptable to your needs
Get access to event-based raw data for real-time in-depth analytics
Increase revenues with 100% transparent & efficient auction logic
Cut the middlemen between you and the advertisers, and increase profits
Protects you from vendor dependance with a risk-free open software
Use Bidon as the only in-app ad technology for Android, iOS or Unity
Own your ad auction's data & stop sharing your data with competitors
Direct integration with your partners
Transparent issue reports and community-generated solutions
Break free from captive solutions that change conditions and exclude/limit your growth
Cut costs & release times with an open-source solution maintained by industry experts
Minimize stability risks by owning your Bidon instance
Speed up integration & fixing problem with open-source code
Accelerate your A/B tests by accessing to event-based data & insights

Join an open-source community of Experts to build better solutions together

Bidon's primary commitment is to keep the ad ecosystem open, transparent and fair for everyone.
Show your support and be a stakeholder. Be part of a community of Publishers, Advertisers and Ad-Tech companies who share your core values. We welcome you, regardless of your integration stage.
Join Bidon, an open-source community of experts from all branches and disciplines.
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Bidon  is not just a product. It is a philosophy. It reclaims fairness, transparency and control for mobile advertisers and app/game publishers  in an unprecedented way.